Most Subscribed Youtube is a entitlement site, youtube is biggest online free opportunity for anyone who wants to prove their flair, facility or guts in obverse of the world. Top 10 most subscribed entertaining Youtube channels for you, I am sure you will like them and yeah will subscribe ultimately.

10- Kevjumba

Kevjumba is a channel by Kevin who joined in July 27, 2006.

Subscribers: 2,290,141.

9- Real Annoying Orange

Realannoyingorange channel was started on 9th October, 2009.

Subscribers: 2,359,977

8- Fred

Fred is trendy for posting up special videos that are mirthful and are in special funny voices.

Subscribers: 2,364,787

7- College humor Orginals

College Humor is now one of the most excites and amazing YouTube channel which is extremely favorite by about any student or teenager watching it.

Subscribers: 2,697,832

6- freddiew

Freddiew is started in 22 February, 2006.

Subscribers: 2,906,757 Subscribers,

5- Shane Dawson TV

ShaneDawsonTV was started on 10 March, 2008.

Subscribers: 2,959,774

4- Machinima

Machinima was started in 16 January, 2006. Machinima channel shows trailers, games new and fresh videos

Subscribers: 4,205,421

3- Smosh

Smosh is one of the most entertaining channel. This channel is the most subscribed YouTube Channel of all time.

Subscribers: 4,285,808

2- Nigahiga

Niga Higa position 2nd in the Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels list.

Subscribers: 5,114,203

1- Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson is the major name of the YouTube industry and his channel Ray William Johnson is at present one of the a good number subscribed YouTube channels

Subscribers: 5,317,978